Arthur B Barlow - a Doulton Lambeth 5.5in (16cm) vase

Arthur B Barlow - a Doulton Lambeth 5.5in (16cm) vase


A sweet little early Doulton Lambeth vase by Arthur B Barlow in excellent condition. This is Arthur Barlow showing his originality. At a time (1874) when the influence of George Tinworth was so strong, he produced something with no beads, no rosettes, and colours that were bright and lively. For its date this is highly innovative.

The vase has the impressed Doulton Lambeth mark with an inserted date of 1874. It has the incised monogram of Arthur Barlow and his design number 869. There is another incised monogram, but this had been partially ground off.
The vase weighs 458g.

The vase is in excellent condition. The base has been ground level after firing to ensure stability and a samll slither of the base has disappeared in this process (see photo). It would be appropriate to describe the vase as being 'in totally original condition', as there are no other defects.

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