George Tinworth - a 9.25in Doulton Lambeth vase

George Tinworth - a 9.25in Doulton Lambeth vase


This 9in (22.5cm) Doulton Lambeth vase dates from the period after 1891, and shows some of the later styles of George Tinworth – it has applied floral motifs, and the use of green glazes. His obsession with the earlier seaweed design has not disappeared, but has been significantly modified.

In characteristic fashion, the vase has Tinworth’s monogram on the outside. Underneath the vase has an impressed “Doulton Lambeth England” mark, dating the vase to the period 1891-1902. The vase is also signed in monogram by Mary Aitken, his most frequent assistant.

The vase is in near mint condition. There are three minute, and on display nearly invisible, fleabites in the base rim which we have left, in order to preserve the total integrity of the vase. Apart from this, the vase is free from all chips, cracks, crazing, restoration or significant scratches. There is kiln dust, fired onto the inside of the top rim. The vase weighs 1480g.

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