Hannah Barlow - a mint condition Royal Doulton 11in vase - 624

Hannah Barlow - a mint condition Royal Doulton 11in vase - 624

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This Royal Doulton stoneware 11in (27.5cm) vase shows the brilliant handywork of two great designers, Hannah Barlow, and Florence Roberts. Not only is Hannah Barlow’s animalia band of exquisite quality, but also the style and colouring of the rest of the vase by Florence Roberts, is in perfect harmony.

The vase has the Royal Doulton impressed mark with crown and lion and the coded date stamp ‘d’ for 1903. It is signed in monogram by Hannah Barlow, with her design number 624, by Florence C Roberts with her design number 887, and by Rosina Harris as the assistant. The vase weighs 1198g.

The vase is in excellent condition, without chips, cracks, crazing, restoration, or significant scratches. There is a very small area of pre-firing damage to the tubelining around the upper part of the vase.

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