A Doulton Lambeth 9in lidded jug by Edith D Lupton

A Doulton Lambeth 9in lidded jug by Edith D Lupton


This delightful 8.75in (22cm) Doulton Lambeth jug is typical of the high quality items turned out by Doultons in the 1880s, simple in style, but brilliant in the execution. By then, after about 15 years of producing decorative ware, the company that had specialised in building and domestic products had mastered all the techniques needed to produce fine works such as this one.

The jug has the impressed Doulton Lambeth mark with the date 1884. It is signed in monogram with Edith Lupton’s design number 196. It is also signed by Jane Hurst and another assistant, possibly Mary Aitken. The jug weighs 764g.

The jug is in excellent condition without chips, cracks, crazing or significant scratches. The lid, which is (was) silver-plated has ‘matured’ to the colour of pewter.

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