Arthur Barlow - a 7.5in Doulton Lambeth jug - 692

Arthur Barlow - a 7.5in Doulton Lambeth jug - 692


This little 7.5in (18cm) Doulton Lambeth jug by Arthur Barlow shouts about the influence of George Tinworth. Made in 1873, it shows on the one hand, that Arthur Barlow worked with George Tinworth, and that on the other hand, Barlow had already developed his own individuality. The swirling leaf pattern has a freedom of expression that is missing in Tinworth’s seaweed designs, but the decoration of the leaves still owes much to the influence of his mentor. A classic piece of Doulton’s early history in decorative products.

The vase has the impressed Doulton Lambeth oval mark, including the date 1873. It is signed by Arthur Barlow in monogram and by two assistants, and has Barlow’s design number 692.

The jug is in excellent condition. An early, and small restoration to the lip has been re-restored, but apart from that the jug is in mint condition. The photos illustrating the jug were taken prior to the recent work.

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