George Tinworth - a 36.5cm (14.5")  Doulton Lambeth vase

George Tinworth - a 36.5cm (14.5") Doulton Lambeth vase


This is a stunning Doulton Lambeth vase. I don't know what colour your screen shows the body of the vase to be, but it is a most unusual (for George Tinworth) pale mint green. Combined with the complimentary colour of purple, the effect is dramatic. Its an unashamedly bulky shape, maximises the visual impact. A superb example of the maestro's work.

The vase has the incised monogram of George Tinworth on the side, with the monogram of Eliza L Hubert underneath. It also has the impressed Doulton Lambeth mark with the date of 1878.

viability of the production of decorative products. The vase weighs 2727g.

The vase is in 100% mint condition, except that someone has drilled a neat hole in the base! There are no chips, cracks, crazings, restorations or significant scratches - just a neat hole in the base!

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