A pair of Royal Doulton 25cm (10in) vases by Mark Marshall

A pair of Royal Doulton 25cm (10in) vases by Mark Marshall


This is the genius of Mark V Marshall at its best. The vases, are a matched pair (left and right hand designs), where the creative genius of Mark Marshall has been given free rein. It is hard to find a Royal Doulton designer with the same genius for innovative colours shapes and patterns as Mark Marshall.

The vases have the Royal Doulton impressed mark, the incised monogram of Mark Marshall and his design number 424. They also carry the coded date stamp 'g' for 1907. The delineation of the colour blocks is deeply gouged out, preventing any glaze running. The vases weigh 1500g.

The vases are in excellent condition. One vase has been restored where there was a flake to the glaze on the top rim, and the other has has some of the clear overglaze restored on the foot. Both small defects have been professional and invisibly restored.

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