Frances E Lee - a 30cm (12in) Doulton Lambeth extravaganza  - 190

Frances E Lee - a 30cm (12in) Doulton Lambeth extravaganza - 190


A piece of top class Doulton Lambeth for those who want something that is entirely useless! This appears to be an exercise in design and not function. The whole surface is packed with the most exquisite and precise detail that is executed to perfection.

This item is more an ornament than anything else. It has the impressed Doulton Lambeth mark with the word England underneath dating it to 1892-1902. It has the incised mongrams of Frances E Lee, and Mary Aitken and Frances Lee’s design number 190. The lower band around the top is hall marked silver, but the finial is Sheffield plate and silver plated cast metal. The finial is not removable but is fixed rigidly to the rest of the ornament. The ornament weighs 882g.

The ceramic part of this ornament is in mint condition, but the finial shows signs of wear. There is a small amount of kiln grit on the base rim of the item.

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