A Doulton Lambeth tea pot and sugar basin by Frank A Butler - 708 & 709

A Doulton Lambeth tea pot and sugar basin by Frank A Butler - 708 & 709


This delightful Doulton Lambeth duo, by one of Doulton's finest designers is certainly not suitable for making cups of tea. It is small delicate and decorative. Minor defects have been restored and it is now in delightful condition.

The teapot and sugar bowl each have the Doulton Lambeth impressed mark, the monogram of Frank Butler, and the date 1879. They also each have the incised monogram of Butler’s assistant Annie Gentle, and his design numbers 708 and 709. The teapot measures approx 12cm (4.75in) tall and 20cm (8in) spout-to-handle. The sugar bowl is 8cm (3.25in) tall, and measures 13cm (5.25in) over the handles. They are numbered 708 and 709 respectively. The teapot and sugar bowl weigh a total of 1050g.

Both teapot and sugar bowl are in excellent condition. Both have had the centres (only) of the florrettes around the maximum circumference repaired as they had suffered from impact damage. There are two firing cracks to the teapot base (see photo no4). The teapot had a crack inside the silver ring around the top caused (presumably) by the application of the ring. This has been professionally repaired. Both are now in what can be called ‘original’ condition.

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