A Doulton Lambeth 7.5cm (3in) pepperette by Jessie Bowditch

A Doulton Lambeth 7.5cm (3in) pepperette by Jessie Bowditch

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An elaborately decorated Doulton Lambeth pepperette with very fine beadwork, in immacualte condition.
The pepperette had the impressed Doulton Lambeth mark, the date of 1881, the incised monogram of Jessie Bowditch, and what is probably the mark of Mary Butter. The top is silver plate. The pepperette weighs 82g.

The pepperette is in immaculate condition. It had a very small base rim chip, that has been professionally and invisibly restored, and it is now, ceramically, in apparantly mint condition. The plated top shows minor signs of scratching.

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