George Tinworth - A Royal Doulton 1903 pair of 32.5cm (13.25in) vases

George Tinworth - A Royal Doulton 1903 pair of 32.5cm (13.25in) vases


To cover the field of early Doulton collecting, a pair of seaweed Tinworths are essentials that every collector should have. These two 12.5in (31cm) vases are in good condition, and are reasonably priced! If you want a small pair of Tinworths in a slightly unusual creamy white, this is it. If you want a smaller pair in a traditional blue, we’ve got one of those too!

The vases have the Royal Doulton impressed mark with crown and lion and the coded date of 1903. They are signed on the outside by Tinworth and underneath by his assistant, Bessie Newbery. The vases weigh a total of 3225 g.

The vases are in first class condition. The ‘intrusive’ damage to the beads has been restored. The photos were taken before the most apparent damage to the white beads was restored. Apart from the bead damage, which is very frequent in vases of this age, the vases are in mint condition.

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