Alice Groom - A Doulton Lambeth 17.5cm (7in) vase – 238

Alice Groom - A Doulton Lambeth 17.5cm (7in) vase – 238


What a contrast this vase is with the more common ‘Natural Foliage’ wares! The visual impact of the incised patterns is much stronger than the impact of actual leaves in the ‘Natural Foliage’ ware. An ideal Christmas present as the colours will complement any décor.

A 7in (17.5cm) vase with the Doulton Lambeth mark and the date 1887. The vase is signed in monogram by both the designer, Alice Groom, and her assistant, Alice Gentle. The vase is numbered 238 by Alice Groom.
The vase weighs 526g.

The vase is in excellent condition. It had a small chip on the top rim with attendant 1in (2.5cm) crack. This has now been professionally and invisibly repaired.

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