A Doulton Lambeth Silicon ware 3-piece cruet on stand

A Doulton Lambeth Silicon ware 3-piece cruet on stand


A cruet on a stand – always a favourite – and a great rarity! This superb example has been extensively (and expensively) refurbished to its original glittering former self.

A 3-piece silver plated Siliconware cruet of salt, mustard (with spoon), and pepper. The frame measures 7.25in (18.5cm) from ‘end-to-end’, and 5.75in 14cm tall. All pieces are stamped “Doulton Lambeth Silicon” and dated 1882. The cruet weighs 505g.

There is a small chip to each of the base rims of the pepper and mustard has been professionally and invisibly repaired. The frame and the plated parts of the three pieces have just been re-plated and are in gleaming condition. There is a very slight ‘lean’ to the frame (see lead photo) and minute dents to the salt pot rim.

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