Frances E Lee - A  Doulton Lambeth 10in lemonade jug

Frances E Lee - A Doulton Lambeth 10in lemonade jug

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The care and manual dexterity with which Frances Lee sculpted the surface to produce a 3-dimensional effect is amazing. With the ceramic base in 100% original condition and topped by its re-plated top, this lemonade jug now looks a million dollars!

A majestic 10in (25cm) tall Doulton Lambeth jug with silver plated top, signed in monogram by Frances E Lee, and dated 1881. The lidded jug weighs 1234g.

The silver plated lid has been re-plated, and is now in sparkling ‘as-new’ condition. There is a small area of the original coloured glaze on the handle which did not cover the stoneware.

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