A Doulton Lambeth tea pot by Emily J Edwards

A Doulton Lambeth tea pot by Emily J Edwards


This charming little tea pot, by one of George Tinworth’s earliest protégées, Emily Edwards, is an example of the style of the earliest output of decorative products from Doultons. A truly historic piece, and a “must” for a collector who wants something that epitomises the earliest output of the Doulton Lambeth Decorative Products department.

The teapot measures 8in (20cm) from handle to spout. It has the undated Doulton Lambeth oval mark, dating the teapot to 1872 at the latest. It is signed in monogram by Emily J Edwards. Amazingly, the silver plated lid shows NO sign of wear! The tea pot weighs 556g.

The teapot has no damage or restoration – even the spout! The silver-pleated lid is secured by two pins that pierce the ceramic top, and are soldered in position – see photos. The “steam hole” in the lid has been pierced somewhat amateurishly after manufacture.

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