Hannah Barlow - a Doulton Lambeth 6-piece tea set - 682

Hannah Barlow - a Doulton Lambeth 6-piece tea set - 682


A real rarity! Three cups with saucers, a tea pot, a sugar basin and a milk/cream jug, all with solid silver rims by a famous silversmith, Charles Mappin, of Mappin and Webb fame. Some items are decorated with deer an some with goats.

All pieces of the Doulton Lambeth tea set have the impressed Doulton Lambeth mark, and the monogram of Hannah Barlow. The pieces are each numbered with numbers ranging from 682 to 704. The tea set weighs 915g.

Restoration has been necessary on the three cups and the tea pot. The three saucers, the sugar basin, and the milk jug are in mint condition. The underside of the lid of the tea pot has been left unrestored as removing it from its silver rim to restore it is not possible. The underside of the tea pot lid remains unrestored and has visible chips and cracks remaining visible.

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