Hannah Barlow - An 8.25in (21cm) Doulton Lambeth ewer - 798

Hannah Barlow - An 8.25in (21cm) Doulton Lambeth ewer - 798


Itís goats for a change of scenery! Whatever animal Hannah depicted, it looks natural and realistic. Keeping a variety of animals herself, she had the perfect opportunity to study them at rest and more importantly, in motion. The former is difficult, but the latter is an even greater achievement.

The 8.25in (21cm)ewer has the impressed Doulton Lambeth mark with the word ENGLAND impressed underneath, dating the vase to the period 1892-1902. It is signed in monogram by Hannah Barlow and Alice Budden, and numbered 708 by Hannah Barlow.

The vase appears to be in 100% mint Condition, but the glazing on the handle does not entirely match that of the rest of the vase, and must be seen as suspect. There is a possibility of restoration.

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