Royal Doulton Art Nouveau tube-lined stoneware vase

Royal Doulton Art Nouveau tube-lined stoneware vase

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A Royal Doulton Art Nouveau heavyweight 20cm stonevase by Jane Hurst with flower and leaf motifs

This vase has the impresed Doulton Circle mark with Crown and Lion, and the monogram of Jane Hurst. The effect of the vase is quite rustic: there is brown dusting on the upper fawn band and the drip glaze to the lower part is part blue, part green, part glossy and part matt. For vases with similar tube-lined decoration, see Desmond Eyles' 'The Doulton lambeth Wares' page 199; an indicative date for the vase would be 1905-1910.

The vase is in totally original condition, with no chips, cracks, crazing or restoration, but with one small defect in the moulding of the lower green band.

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