Early 20th century Royal Doulton stoneware jug - 20th century

Early 20th century Royal Doulton stoneware jug - 20th century

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A Royal Doulton 21cm tall stoneware jug from the transition period from Victorian design to Art Nouveau.

This jug has the impressed Doulton Circle mark with Crown and Lion. It also has the LW monogram of Louisa Wakely. As the mark started use in 1902, and Louisa Wakely worked at Doultons from 1882-1905, it is possible to date this jug to within 3 years, 1902-05. The style would suport this: it has neither the simplicity of the tube-lined vases produced in 1905 onwards, nor the elaborate detail of earlier high Victorian designs. It still does however have a touch of Gothic detail.

The jug is in excellent order with no chips, cracks, crazing or restoration, but the counterbalanced self-opening lid is missing

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