Doulton Lambeth Silicon ware vase by Eliza Simmance

Doulton Lambeth Silicon ware vase by Eliza Simmance


A 'bold as brass' 10" (25cm) Silicon Ware vase designed and executed by one of the greatest designers ever at Doulton - Eliza Simmance. It is covered with mosaic and gold leaf decoration and in excellent condition. The inside of the vase is glazed.

The vase is covered with a 'cracked ice' pattern and has elaborate mosaic patterns applied in blue, white and dark brown mosaics. There are four panels around the vase with gold leaf backgrounds. The vase is dated 1885 and has the signatures of Eliza Simmance and Ada Tosen. It also has Eliza Simmance's reference number 290 incised into the clay.

The vase is in perfect 'as made' condition. One firing crack is visible under the base, and can be seen on the enlarged photo of the base.

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