A very early Doulton Lambeth pot by Kate Davis

A very early Doulton Lambeth pot by Kate Davis


A small globular Doulton Lambeth vase/pot with daisy decoration dated 1879.

This very early (1879) example of Doulton Lambeth is only 2.25" (6cm) tall and 3.25" (8cm) diameter. It is signed by a Senior Assitant, Kate Davis, and also Lottie Eckenstein. It is dated 1879. It has the impressed Doulton Lambeth Mark,

The pot is in excellent condition. There is a small indentation the the base, clearly visible in photo no.4, which is under the glaze and part of the original manufacture. There is also a small scrape (approx 7mm long) of the glaze on the inside of the rim at the top. There are no chips, cracks, crazing or restoration.

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