Doulton Lambeth vase by Clara S Barker

Doulton Lambeth vase by Clara S Barker


An early Doulton Lambeth 7" (17cm) inverted baluster-shaped vase in mint condition with incised and stylised leaf patterns by Clara S Barker.

The designer of this vase, Clara S Barker, was one of the group of talented designers that joined Doultons in the 1870's, and so-to-speak, put it on the map for decorative ceramics. Clara Barker joined in 1876, and her work is illustrated in Desmond Eyles' 'The Doulton Lambeth Wares'.

This vase as 100% 'as made'. It has no cracks, chips, restoration or crazing. It does, however, have one small piece of kiln grit on one side, from its original firing.

It has the Doulton Lambeth Mark, the date 1885, the incised monograms of Clara barker and Emily Welch, and her opus number 916.

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