An exquisite Doulton Lambeth cruet set by Emily Maine

An exquisite Doulton Lambeth cruet set by Emily Maine


A complete, early (1882) Doulton Lambeth cruet set in its original cradle, with silver plated metalwork. The three ceramic components are decorated with the finest of detail, all in perfect condition.

It is a real joy to see a full cruet set, totally undamaged, in its original cradle. The components are small, being 2.75", 2.5" and just over 1" tall, and the whole assembly measures only 4" by just under 6".

Each piece has the Doulton Lambeth mark and the date 1882. Two of them have an incised monogram, which we believe to be that of Emily Maine.

The ceramic part of the set is in mint condition without any defect whatsoever. The silver plated components show slight signs of corrosion, probaly because of the salt. The pepper pot lid is slightly bent downwards at the edge - see photos. The lower level of the cradle has some plate corrosion in the centre, again probably due to salt.

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