Hannah Barlow - a magnificent 14" (35cm) two-handled Doulton Lambeth vase

Hannah Barlow - a magnificent 14" (35cm) two-handled Doulton Lambeth vase

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This superb large (14"/35cm) Hannah Barlow Doulton Lambeth vase is large enough in diameter (over 7") for the beautifully executed pastoral scene to be appreciated. It has been the subject of restoration by a professional restorer, who has restored it to 'as new' condition.

This vase has the Doulton Lambeth impressed mark, and the date 1885. It has the incised monogram of Hannah Barlow and her design number 879. It is also signed in monogram by another designer, Bertha Evans and an assistant Elizabeth J Adams. The scene shows a whole flock (13) of sheep in a pastoral landscape.

The vase has been subject to damage at the top and on one side. This has been professionally restored so that the damage is no longer visible, even on close inspection. A set of photos of the vase, prior to restoration, is available by email for inspection.

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