Pair of Royal Doulton vases by Jane Hurst - 7816

Pair of Royal Doulton vases by Jane Hurst - 7816


A magnificent pair of large 13" (32cm) stoneware Royal Doulton Art Nouveau floral vases by Jane Hurst. This highly succesful rose design was used by Doultons on a variety of shapes of vase, and in a variety of background colours.

These two impressive vases are not quite a pair. One vase is about 1/4" taller than the other, at 13" tall. They both have the same design number, 7816A, the impressed Doulton Circle mark with Crown and Lion underneath, and the monogram of Jane Hurst. Jane Hurst's dates at Doultons are not known, but she worked with the top designers in the 1880s and was still at Doultons, wher she was a Senior Assistant, well into the 1920s. Probably designed in the period 1905-1910, they could have been made at any time up to and including the 1920s. This was a very sucessful design that ran for many years.

Both vases are in perfect condition with no cracks, chips, restorations or crazing.

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