a Doulton Lambeth Siliconware vase by Eliza Simmance

a Doulton Lambeth Siliconware vase by Eliza Simmance


This Doulton Lambeth Siliconware 7.75" (19cm) vase is typical of the work of Eliza Simmance; it contains the three usual elements of her Siliconware vases, mosaic tiles, 'cracked ice' background and gilding on the main body of the vase. All is done with her immaculate precision. The grey coloured vases are much rarer than the more frequent red clay vases.

The vase has the Doulton Lambeth Silicon mark, the incised monogram of Eliza Simmance and the impressed marks of various asistants, including loiisa Wakeley. The vase must date fom the period before 1892, as the Doulton Silicon mark undwerneath has no 'England' with it.

The vase is in excellent condition with no chips, crazing or restoration. It has two firing cracks underneath as is usual with the vases on indented bases (see photo 4), but no hairline or other cracks.

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