An 1875  Doulton Lambeth Mustard Pot by Edith Lupton

An 1875 Doulton Lambeth Mustard Pot by Edith Lupton


An exquisite 3" (8cm) early example of the elaborate stoneware designs produced at Doulton Lambeth in the 1870s. This mustard pot shows the fastidious way that even the smallest of Doulton Lambeth wares were made. This is Edith Lupton at her best.

The Doulton Lambeth mustard pot has the (abbreviated) monogram of Edith Lupton, the Doulton Lambeth Mark and the date 1875. It also has another unknown monogram of an assistant - CB. The lid is of hallmarked silver by Henry Manton in Birmingham in 1876. The mustard pot weighs 91g.

The stoneware is in mint condition. One minute bead (see photo 1) is missing on the lowest circle, but the area is glazed over and it can be assumed that the bead was missing prior to firing. The mustard pot is in excellent condition. A chip to the base rims has been professionally and invisibly restored. The silver lid has minor indentations on the rim (see photos).

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