An 8.75" Art Deco Royal Doulton vase by William Rowe

An 8.75" Art Deco Royal Doulton vase by William Rowe

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A mint condition early Art Deco Royal Doulton 8.75" (22cm) vase designed by William Rowe in about 1918, and produced by Jane Hurst. For a 1918 design the vase shows all the hallmarks of later Art Deco forms. In its tube-lined decoration, all curves are omitted and the all-geometric shapes are evocative of the 1930s.

This vase is illustrated on page 219 of Desmond Eyles' and Louise Irvine's 'The Doulton Lambeth Wares, as being a William Rowe design. The vase has one of the less frequent impressed Doulton Lambeth marks, the monogram of Jane Hurst (twice), and a near illegible series number. It is possible that this was a prototype for later production.

The vase is in mint condition, without any chips, cracks, crazing restoration or significant scratches.

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