Doulton & Rix china

This is a catalogue of Doulton & Rix ceramics. Please be aware that none of the ceramic items listed below are for sale.

A Doulton and Rix 6in (15cm) marqueterie ware twin-handled vase - 108

Doulton and Rix started making Marqueterie items in 1886, but the cost of production was too high and as a result, marqueterie items are now very rare. This one demonstrates the complexity of both shape and colour that was available to the manufacturers.
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A 2.25in (5.5cm) tall Doulton and Rix Marqueterie ware cup - 632

A beautiful and rare item in excellent condition. Marqueterie ware was first made by Doulton and Rix in 1886. This piece must date from the period 1996-1892, as the mask has not the word 'ENGLAND' underneath which became obligatory in 1892.
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