Doulton Artists & Designers

This is a list of Doulton artists and designers along with a number of assistant artists and senior assistants.

Click on the artist you are interested in to be taken to a dedicated page where you will find more information and examples of their work. Please note that none of the ceramics listed on the artists' pages below are for sale.

Christine Abbott
Elizabeth Adams
Margaret Aitken
Mary Aitken
Elizabeth Atkins
Louisa Ayling
Agnes Baigent
Clara S. Barker
Arthur Barlow
Florence E. Barlow
Hannah Barlow
Lucy Barlow
William Baron
Ethel Beard
Ernest R. Bishop
Maud Bowden
Jessie Bowditch
Winnie Bowstead
John Broad
Rosina Brown
Alice Budden
Frank A Butler
Mary Butter
Fanny Clark
Olive Dale
Kate Davis
Louisa J. Davis
Elizabeth Dayton
Lottie Eckenstein
William Edward Dunn
Louisa E Edwards
Emily J Edwards
Bertha Evans
Elizabeth Fisher
Nellie Garbett
Ami George
Annie Gentle
Mary Goode
Lydia Greig
Alice Groom
Leslie Harradine
Rosina Harris
Alice Hellis
Alice M Herepath
Harriet Hibbutt
Marion Holbrook
Joan Honey
Agnete Hoy
Elizabeth Hubert
Vera Huggins
Jane Hurst
Florrie Jones
Edith Kemp
Harriet Knight
Charlotte Lamb
Frances E. Lee
Ada Lilly
Edith D. Lupton
Emily Maine
Mark V. Marshall
Emma Martin
Ada Maycock
Emily Mayes
Isabella Miller
Bessie Newbery
Jacqueline Newnham
Ellen Palmer
William Parker
Emily Partington
Lily Partington
Francis C. Pope
Florence C. Roberts
Kate Rogers
Martha Rogers
Letitia Rosevear
William Rowe
Alice Russell
Kate E Russell
Louisa Russell
Susanna Sanderson
Elizabeth Sayers
Elizabeth Shelley
Harry Simeon
Eliza Simmance
Elizabeth M. Small
Georgie Smith
Emily Stormer
Elsie Thomas
Mary Ann Thomson
Margaret E Thompson
George Tinworth
Ada Tosen
Eleanor Tosen
Emily Viner
Minnie Webb
Louisa Wakely
Arthur Willcock
Emily Welch
Bessie J. Youatt

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