George Tinworth
Doulton Artist

This is a catalogue of work by Doulton artist George Tinworth.

George Tinworth set Doultons on the road to being producers of the finest decorative products. Until his arrival George Tinworth, Doultons made only functional products, such as drain pipes - in salt-glazed stoneware. In 1866/7 George Tinworth started work at Doulton’s Lambeth factory, having trained at the Lambeth school of Art. At the age of 23 he had a figure group, accepted for exhibition by the Royal Academy, and was instrumental in the success of Doultons at international exhibitions in 1867, 1871, and 1873. By this stage the management of Doultons had accepted the viability of the production of decorative products.

George Tinworth signed his output on the outside, a priveledge that was never to be accorded officially to any other employees at Lambeth. Athough greatly appreciated at Doultons, he was unable to relate to his fellow workers. He became a solitary figure working in his studio and finding it difficult to engage in general conversation.

George Tinworth - A Doulton Lambeth pair of 20cm (8in) vases dated 1878

To cover the field of early Doulton collecting, a pair of seaweed Tinworths is an essential...
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George Tinworth - A Royal Doulton 1903 pair of 32.5cm (13.25in) vases

To cover the field of early Doulton collecting, a pair of seaweed Tinworths are essentials that every collector should have...

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George Tinworth - a pair of Doulton Lambeth vases dated 1876

A very fine pair of 19cm (7.7in) vases by the great man...
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George Tinworth -a Doulton Lambeth 30cm (12in) ”bat’s-wing” vase

Who said that George Tinworth when making vases, sang from only one hymn sheet?...
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An 11.5in (29cm) Doulton Lambeth vase by George Tinworth

If you like George Tinworth, you will be bowled over by this one!...
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George Tinworth - a pair of 10in (25cm) Doulton Lambeth vases.

A lovely pair of vases by the founder of the decorative products arm of the Doulton empire...
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George Tinworth - a pair of 10.5in (26cm) Royal Doulton vases

A mint condition pair of superb Doulton Lambeth vases by the ‘daddy’ of all decorative Doulton, George Tinworth...
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George Tinworth - a 36.5cm (14.5") Doulton Lambeth vase

This is a stunning Doulton Lambeth vase. I don't know what colour your screen shows the body of the vase to be, but it is a most unusual (for George Tinworth)...
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George Tinworth - a Doulton lambeth 10.25in (26cm) ewer

An enigma! This could be a VERY early piece, as strangely, it is signed underneath and not on the side as usual...
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George Tinworth - a Doulton Lambeth 6.5in (16cm) jug

If you need a George Tinworth to enhance your Doulton Lambeth collection...
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George Tinworth - a Doulton Lambeth beaker with a restored 'friend' - a pair

A pair of fine elaborately decorated Doulton Lambeth 5in (12.5cm) beakers dated 1876 by George Tinworth...
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George Tinworth - a 5" Doulton Lambeth tankard

A mint Doulton Lambeth condition piece by the 'daddy' and founder of the department at Doultons...
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George Tinworth - a 9.25in Doulton Lambeth vase

This 9in (22.5cm) Doulton Lambeth vase dates from the period after 1891, and shows some of the later styles of George Tinworth...

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